Best Javascript Animation Library

Best Javascript Animation Library

 When you want to add animation maybe you can use simple CSS animation. However, for more complex or sophisticated effects, you need a javascript animation library. By using javascript you can make animations better than using CSS.

JavaScript can handle things that CSS can't do. This will give developers more and more power to control complex animations that need to coordinate many moving parts.

Now this article will discuss the best animated javascript library recommendations that you can use to create animations on your website. What are the best Javascript Animation Libraries?

1. Anime.js

Anime.js is a lightweight animation library that works from a powerful API, you can use it to animate HTML, CSS, JS, SVG, and DOM attributes. There are many things you can do using the default callback and control functions. For example, you can play, pause, control, reverse, and trigger events synchronously.

With the best default system that makes Anime.js one of the best. Anime.js can make directed movements, follow-up and overlapping effects that seem simple.

Anime.js becomes the right solution when you want to implement animation on your website, even Anime.js has 35K + stars on github. To see what else you can do with this library, you can visit Codepen.

2. Three.js

Three.js is one of the javascript animation libraries you can use. Even this Library is at the top of the JavaScript animation library with 60K + stars on GitHub. In addition, it also depends on WebGL to create and create 3D animations in the browser.

In Three.js. First, by using the Three.js editor, you can create scenes or animations. After that, you can add geometric figures, and adjust the lighting and camera. You can also adjust Material, texture, objects, colors, and fogging all of which can be changed, and the final file published for your project.

3. Velocity.js

Velocity.js is one of the animated javascript libraries that combines the best jQuery and CSS transitions. On GitHub this library approaches 17K stars. With this library you can looping, reversing, delaying, hiding / showing elements, mathematical properties (+, -, *, /), and hardware acceleration, all are part of the features.

Besides you when you use Velocity.js you can make to move the browser window. This library can also work with jQuery which is loaded in your browser and apart from that, and even cancels the previous animation.

4. GreenShock JS

GreenSock is one of the best javascript libraries with 8 million users and 10K + stars on GitHub. GreenSock’s GSAP works with a set of small JavaScript files that make animations look great on all major browsers.

GSAP itself is making animation on canvas and animating any object in a scene. It is also increasingly included in expressing, mapping or moving any object along the way. In this aim, GreenShock JS works with many software applications such as SVG Plugins, Pixi Plugins, WebGL, Adobe Animate and Ease JS. Its modular structure helps you choose only the functions you need.

5. Popmotion

Popmotion is a functional animation library for each JavaScript environment with 18K stars on GitHub. This animated javascript library can work with any API that accepts numbers as input such as React, Three.js, A-Frame and PixiJS.

Popmotion only weighs 11.7 kB, but this library still has the maximum punch. This library has animated features such as keyframes, decay, timelines to synchronize multiple instances and more.

Apart from that, you can also stagger a series of animations or functions, and use pure functions to create your own configuration.

 6. AniJS

Among the JavaScript animation library recommendations in this list, AniJS is a pretty unique library. This library allows you to add animation to elements in a simple ‘sentence-like’ structure. This is good enough for people new to animation.

What's more, the nonspecific nature of this library allows almost anyone to use it in routine UX designs. On GitHub, AniJS rates more than 3.5 thousand stars. It does not depend on third party libraries and generally helps accelerate development.

AniJS works well on Android and iOS, and also on all popular browsers. You can use this library to implement your animation on the website.

7. Mo.js

Motion graphics have a big role to play in animation. Do you want to make motion graphics with JS? You can use Mo.js. Mo.js is one of the options that can be used to create animated motion graphics.

With a number of tutorials and demos that help you create javascript animations, beginners may not find it difficult to make geometric shapes and animations time to point.

This library API might seem simple, but there are lots of things you can do when using this javascript animation library. In this toolkit, you can find the Curve Editor and Timeline Editor which will help you create animations, as well as the Player to control your animations later.

There are also different modules for surprise, easing, timelines and more. Currently in the javascript library it produces nearly 16 thousand stars.

8. Typed.js

Typed.js is a simple library to enable typing on your screen, this library gives a price of 9.5K + stars on GitHub. After you enter any string, visitors can see it typed at the specified speed.

Not only that, you can also work the backspace key, as well as start a new sentence. If you want to allow visitors with JS that are also disabled to view, you just need to place an HTML div on the page. That way, the bot and search engine can also see the words typed.

Those are some of the recommendations of the best javascript animation library that is good to use. With this library you can start to implement animations on your web pages.

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