Collaborative Coding Tools for Remote Pair Programmers

Collaborative Coding Tools for Remote Pair Programmers

 Collaborating with a job can be done quickly, one of them is coding collaboration for programmers. Programmers, especially remote workers, will use collaborative coding tools.

Real time code collaboration has now become a viable solution, especially remote workers or pair of programmers. Collaboration technique where two software developers work together to more quickly and easily complete their project.

The two will work together to write, observe and review the code even though they are in different places. They can work together on projects with the help of collaborative coding tools. So here are some recommendations for the best coding collaboration tools that can be used:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio Live Share

One of the best coding collaboration tools is Visual Studio Live Share. This tool allows you to edit and debug in real time without having to clone first.

You and your friends will be able to set breakpoints and codes together directly, as well as view the database without connecting to the internet. You can share the terminal so that you can run commands and tasks with output flowing to team members while communicating via voice tools in the program at the same time.

You can use Visual Studio Live Share by installing extensions and logging in with your Microsoft or GitHub account. The host (host) needs to send a link that allows the collaborator and load the editor with a live share session and access all files from the file panel.

2. CodePen

CodePen is a coding program that is popular among web developers who work individually and in teams. CodePen Pro users can access Collab Mode which allows other users or team developers to write, edit together directly.

However, only pro users can save the changes that occur. Every user change, and changes to settings are reflected in Collab Mode, and there is a chat area. In addition, only pro users can decide whether to save changes or not.

3. Teletype for Atom

Teletype for Atom, designed by GitHub, is a collaborative programmer tool that is open source and created specifically to bring the convenience of coding collaboration to software developers.

Teletype uses WebRTC peer-to-peer connection encryption to maximize privacy and minimize latency that occurs between collaborators. In this way, the server will not be able to see your files or edits.

But unfortunately teletype can only send text only, so for communication must require another program. This tool is perfect for programming with driver and navigator models but not as good as the open collaborative development in Live Share.

4. Remote Collab for SublimeText

Remote Collab is a barebones plugin that brings virtual pair programming to Sublime Text. This plugin allows developers to create and write shared code in real time for certain projects.

After the host starts the session, the collaborator only needs the host's IP address to join the same project. You can easily install Remote Collab using Sublime Package Control.

To start a session, you can open the Command Palette menu in the specified file and choose Remote: Host Session. Your collaborators will be able to join the session using your IP address in their Command Palette menu.

5. CodeSandbox Live

CodeSandbox is an online Editor application that can be used simultaneously. Developers can determine whether someone can edit or control who can edit at a certain time. Collaborators can in real time change the code in the same document or simply edit other files during the session.

Live mode can be accessed by clicking on the "Go Live" button in the sidebar to get the URL, the URL will be shared with collaborators to join and collaborate.

6. Codeshare

Codeshare is one of the easy and convenient online code editors. Developers can write or copy code to create programs, then share the code with collaborators in real time without the need to register.

To access it developers need to visit and click "Share Code Now" to start typing the code, then click "Share" at the top of the screen to get the URL. Anyone who has a share URL can access and view the code in real time.

If you want others to only see the code without editing or writing code, you can activate the "View only" mode, which is available for registered users. Codeshare also provides a video chat feature for communicating with collaborators.

7. Brackets

Brackets is Adobe's open source code editor that offers visual tools and preprocessor support. On Brackets, you can collaborate in real time by using an extension.

By using this collaboration coding tool developers can create code and see changes instantly without having to save or reload pages. To start coding collaboratively, all you have to do is open your project folder, tap the synchronization icon on the right toolbar, and enter the same room ID.

8. Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere is a browser-based platform that allows you to code and share files from any device. Codeanywhere has a variety of features such as terminals, revision tracking and unlimited coding collaboration.

Just like, Live Share or Teletype, this collaboration coding tool promises the editing style of Google Docs documents, without any limitation on the number of collaborators joining the same project.

To use Codeanywhere, you will be charged from $ 2.50 / month to $ 40 / month, depending on the package level and the billing frequency you choose at the beginning.

Now that's some recommendations for collaboration coding tools for pair programmers. You can do collaborative coding to speed up your coding project. The tools above are very suitable for you individual programmer or pair programmer who works remotely.

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