cPanel vs Plesk: Which Control Panel is Better for Web Hosting

cPanel vs Plesk: Which Control Panel is Better for Web Hosting

 Cpanel vs Plesk, Price changes made by the cPanel make many web hosting providers start switching to Plesk. So what is the best Plesk? Or still cPanel is the master as the best control panel.

One of the most popular control panels, namely Plesk and cPanel. Although both have the same goal in managing the functions of the website and web hosting, these 2 panels present different advantages.

Now this article will discuss the differences between cPanel and Plesk, what are the features available and which are better than the two control panels. Want to know? Let's see the information
Popularity of Plesk vs cPanel

Which is more popular? cPanel or Plesk, cPanel is currently more popular than Plesk. Evidenced by the many web hosting companies that use cPanel as their file management.

cPanel is the most commonly used web control panel. Even the server has created a domain every 6 seconds, and creates a hosting account every 14.5 seconds. This is certainly a very extraordinary thing

Plesk itself is the second widest network control panel. In fact, more than 50% of about 100 web hosting service providers around the world have used plesk to control web hosting panels. To date more than 10 million websites and applications.

Plesk and cPanel Dashboards

Because cPanel is more popular than Plesk, surely people are more familiar with the cPanel dashboard. But that does not mean cPanel is better than Plesk, so here is a comparison and differences of cPanel vs Plesk.

cPanel, cPanel Dashboard can be adjusted by the hosting provider to determine certain features and appearance. The cpanel dashboard is divided into sections, such as files, databases, and domains. In addition, cPanel also provides a search bar that allows users to search for files or functions quickly. cPanel is a smart solution in convenience compared to Plesk.

Plesk, the Dashboard Plaid itself has a much more modern design. The main menu is located on the left, the menu includes buttons to subscribe, subscribers, domains, and others. There is also a quick display feature located in the middle of the page, an overview of the system, etc. that can be adjusted. Plesk itself categorizes items on its menu using a label such as Server Management and Hosting Services. That way users can more easily navigate the dashboard than in cPanel. But unfortunately this configuration tends to increase the number of features that are not used.

Database on Plesk vs cPanel

Database is certainly very important for a website, what are the databases that support the two control panels above? Let's see the information.

cPanel itself offers a special database creation with MySQL Wizard and phpMyAdmin. Whereas Plesk provides access to phpMyAdmin to manage the MySQL database.

In addition, Plesk also supports phpPgAdmin for the PostgreSQL database. Other things to consider from Plesk are myLittleAdmin and ASP.NET Enterprise Manager.

CPanel and Plesk features

Viewed by default, cPanel and Plesk have quite similar features. cPanel has better features for resellers, while for Plesk it must provide a database expansion that is suitable in advance for regular businesses that will allow for future expansion of functionality.

Here are some of the available features of cPanel and Plesk:

In the scripting language support, cPanel and Plesk have a little difference. Now the following scripting languages ​​support each control panel.

CPanel and Plesk security

In terms of security between cPanel vs Plesk which is better? Actually both of these control panels offer the best web hosting security features to maintain application and web security, such as; layered authentication and web application firewall protection.

The security suites they offer certainly have their differences, but both of these panels offer many of the best security tools to safeguard and guarantee user security. Here are some cPanel and Plesk security features:

CPanel's security features include:
  •     IP deny manager
  •     SSH / shell access
  •     IP address denial
  •     Password protected directory
  •     GnuPG key settings for encryption
  •     SSL / TLS for e-commerce companies
  •     Site protection through HotLink and Leech

In the latest cPanel features, they offer an efficient directory privacy interface, which makes it possible to add action fields into the directory. In addition, this feature allows you as a system administrator to specify privacy permissions for each subdirectory. This certainly helps you in reducing the possibility of being attacked because you yourself when closing and unlocking the DNSSE.

Plesk's security features include:

  •     Active Directory Integration
  •     Social media authentication
  •     Fail2Ban intrusion prevention system
  •     Anti-spam services in and out

The latest version of Plesk allows you to be able to secure all domains, domain addons, and subdomains automatically with an SSL / TLS certificate. In addition, with the "Keep Secured" feature, you can more easily monitor the security of your website.

Price of cPanel and Plesk

The existence of a policy of price changes makes many people die cPanel as their control panel. Web hosting providers that are still developing will certainly feel that cPanel licenses are quite expensive, so they start leaving cPanel and start switching to using Plesk.

But does this make cPanel less suitable? Before that you have to look at the following cPanel and Plesk price comparisons.

CPanel prices are arranged in several packages:

    Solo Package - $ 15 per month to activate cPanel on one hosting account.
    Admin Package - $ 20 per month for slightly larger agencies and businesses that require multiple accounts.
    Pro Package - $ 30 per month for up to 30 accounts. This makes sense for larger agencies and mid-level businesses.
    Premier Package - $ 45 per month for up to 100 cPanel accounts.

Plesk prices also seem to provide a simpler pricing structure:

    Web Admin Edition - $ 10 per month for VPS (virtual private server) and dedicated hosting. This package supports 10 domains and provides WordPress Toolkit SE.
    Web Pro Edition - $ 15 per month for VPS and dedicated hosting, with support for 30 domains. Everything is included from the previous package, along with the developer package, subscription management, and account management.
    Web Host Edition - $ 25 per month for VPS hosting and $ 45 per month for special hosting. You received everything from the previous plan, as well as retailer management tools.

CPanel and Plesk equation

It has been explained that most of the two control panels have the same function, so that these two panels also have a lot in common in the website management function. Now the following is the equation between cPanel and Plesk.

    Domain system management, Domain extension, DNS editing, domain forwarding, subdomain management, and new domain registration.
    Email system management, Setting up new email accounts, email forwarding, and email spam filters.
    FTP management, user account admin, password management, and file system quota
    Access the web-based file system
    User Management / SSH Key
    Database management
    Backup management, Backup home utility or access to third-party backup applications
    Logfile access and reporting
    Plugin system for configuring additional services and installing applications, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ZenCart, etc.

cPanel or Plesk? Which is Better?

So which is better? cPanel or Plesk, Choose the best control panel in your hands. You just choose based on your personal preferences or needs. Well, of the two web server control panels they have the main differences, namely:

    The Plesk dashboard has a more modern design with combined menus and settings.
    Cpanel displays all features on one page.
    Plesk offers a better price.
    cPanel has a strong infrastructure for big businesses, hosting companies and larger agencies.

From the information above, of course you already know which one to use. If you are a newly developing web hosting provider then Plesk is the best solution. If you are a large web hosting provider cPanel is the best.

It's different if you are just a web hosting user, cPanel is the best solution because of its ease of use and very popular control panel. So when there are problems in using cPanel you can find solutions to problems more easily from the forum.

Now that's information about cPanel vs Plesk, Hopefully with this article you know the comparison, differences, and know you will use the best control panel. Jagoan Hosting itself for its services using cPanel as a panel for websites.

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