Easy Steps How to Make a Website for Your Business to Be Used

Easy Steps How to Make a Website for Your Business to Be Used

 Now this website is a necessity for everyone to do business, but there are still many businessmen out there who are still struggling and looking for ways to create a practical website because maybe many of them are programming their own websites.

But actually how to make a website is very easy if you know the shortcut.

Now if you are still having trouble and are confused about how to create a website and want to know a practical and easy way, maybe you need to listen to How to Make a Website below, because with only 3 easy steps how to create a website. Within minutes your website will be ready to go online friend.

Before that I might suggest you might need to use wordpress and other CMS, because by using CMS you won't have any difficulty in following the advice on how to create a website in this article. Immediately, we begin how to create a website below.

 Easy Steps to Make a Website for Your Business to Be Used

So that you don't have any difficulties to make a website, our friend has also made a video turtorial on how to make a website so you don't have any difficulty in practicing it.

Step 1: Determine your Domain Name

Before you want to know about creating websites that beginners can do on their own, the first thing you have to do is think about what your website will be about.

Well because most people who already have a website still don't have the right goals and planing for their business, and finally many people are wasting their domain and being left sober.

Therefore, your best friend must have a domain name that matches the product or brand that you want to convey to the user later, therefore you must specify a potential domain that is easy for your users to remember,

Jaghost suggests that you should use a domain with 5-8 words in character, so your domain brand is easy to recognize and remember.

Also make sure you have to check the availability in Check Hosting Domains.

Also try to use TLD-based domains, because the tld domain will give your domain plus value to Google search results

Step 2: Determine your Hosting & Website Building Platform

This is the second step of how to make your website go online, because hosting is your website's home, make sure you determine which hosting is truly quality.

If you are still confused about choosing a hosting that suits your needs, maybe the article Tips on Choosing Hosting will be suitable for you to read.

If you want your hosting in accordance with the capacity of hosting qualified websites that are cloud-based hosting and have SSD NVME storage and Unlimited Bandwidth, with the cheapest hosting prices and can adjust to your budget, then Jagoan Hosting is the right solution for you. Because here you can buy hosting with prices starting at 5 thousand per month, friend, even cheaper than a pecel plate of rice right.

Step 3: Setup, Edit & Customize Your Website

Now after you buy hosting you will receive an email from your website host and contains the user login and password of the member area on your hosting, now you have to access the member area before you can activate your website.

After you successfully enter the member area, look for the service menu that contains the c-panel entry, and if you have logged in your cpanel, here are the steps to quickly setup your website.

1. Install SSL Certificate

You just need to follow the steps to install SSL according to the domain name that you will install SSL starting from Private keys -> Certificate Signing Request -> Certificates -> Install and Manage SSL for your site

2. Install Content Management System (CMS) through Softaculous

Makeclover suggestions so that how to make your website more efficient, you must use softaculus to setup your website using CMS because the process is short and very easy for those of you who may not be familiar with website setup in general.

If you use hosting whiz hosting you don't need to follow how to create a website through this c-panel, because if you have trouble you will be assisted by our support team who will serve you 24 hours friend

3. Customize your website

Now after you've finished setting up your website and using cms, the next step is to customize your website with some cool themes and plugins that you need to enhance your website.

Now to customize your plugins and themes, you must log in first to wordpress or cms that you have installed previously.

If you use wordpress, after you log in you will see the admin page menu of your website, well here you might need to use a number of themes and plugins to customize it with the look of the website you want.

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