Google Applications That Make Your Life More Fun

Google Applications That Make Your Life More Fun

 As a young person these days, who doesn't know Google? It's impossible if you don't know this giant search engine, unless you live on the Moon hehe. The majority of young people know Google as a search engine, right ?. Later, it also started booming productivity applications made by Google, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. In addition to productivity applications that make work easy, there are also many Google applications that make your life even more fun. Do not admit up-to-date, if you haven't known 13 exciting applications from Google.

1. Tic Tac Toe

Are you bored? try refreshing your brain by playing Tic Tac Toe. Just type Tic Tac Toe in the Google search field, you can directly play it versus the bot system.

2. Solitaire

Still about the game, there is one more exciting game that you can try if you are bored. Yup, still remember Solitaire ?, one of the legendary Home PC games that boomed in 2005. Now, you can play it, just by typing the Solitaire keyword in the Google search column.

3. Say Hello to Allo!


Say hello to Google Allo, Google's newest messenger and virtual assistant application. Broadly speaking, Allo like other messenger applications that can help you to send messages, exchange stickers and make video calls. Remarkably, Allo is also equipped with a Google virtual assistant that can help you find what you are talking about. In fact, you can also chat, then Google can automatically reply to it.

4. Don't waste your time, use Google Timer

    "Time is non-refundable, use it with intention"

Don't let your time go to waste, start using Google Timer to help you work more efficiently. Just type the Timer keyword in the Google search engine to start using it. Google Timer has two options, namely as a timer to count down and a stopwatch to count forward. In addition, if you are trapped you can use Google Timer as an alarm too.

5. Traveling abroad? use the Google Translate App

The majority of us must be familiar with Google Translate, as a text / reading translator application. Besides being able to translate sounds, the Google Translate App can also use your smartphone's camera to translate text from images. For example if you are on a vacation abroad and find a signboard or a guide in a foreign language, you can take a picture and use the Google Translate App to translate it in your language.

6. Write your To-Do List using Google Keep

Try Google Keep to write your daily to-do-list or write a shopping list in a colorful display. In addition, Google Keep also has a reminder feature that can remind us of our work.

7. Confused looking for catchy fonts? just search on Google Fonts

If you are a graphic designer or web designer, choosing a catchy font is obligatory. Try Google Fonts to find fonts that are catchy and certainly free.

8. See the world from your smartphone, see pictures and streetview from Google Maps

You can upload photos to Google Maps (formerly known as Panoramio), which can allow you to peek at the world around you directly from your smartphone.

9. Search or play songs, use Google Sound Search

Have you ever? You are in a public place playing a song, then you want to know what song is playing? Google Sound Search can help you!

10. Learn Digital Marketing directly from Google

For you who are passionate in the world of Digital Marketing, you can learn from Think With Google, you can learn about the latest research, consultation trends, and the latest insights in the world of marketing.

11. For you art fans, visit Google Art & Culture

Visit Google Art & Culture to take a peek at inspirations from famous art from around the world, without the need to leave home.

12. Try the Quick Draw application that hits again

Still about art, try the free magic drawing application from Quick Draw. Quick draw is actually an online game based on artificial intelligence developed by Google. Where the players can draw freely, then Google will guess and perfect the picture immediately.

13. You can go to space with Google Sky

Don't need to go far into space or be an astronaut to be able to see planets and galaxies in space. Just open Google Sky from your PC or smartphone, and start exploring space!

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