Reasons For Not Using Free Domains In Business

Reasons For Not Using Free Domains In Business

There are still many blog and website owners who choose to use a free domain. One reason is because they don't want to spend more on a paid domain. In fact, buying a cheap domain name itself has many advantages that cannot be found on a free domain. Now this domain price is not as expensive as it used to be.

You can get cheap domain names in many provider to make blogs and websites appear more professional. The following are the disadvantages of using a free domain.

1. Unprofessional

By using a free domain, your blog or website looks unprofessional. Therefore, if you want to look professional use a paid domain. Now this cheap domain can be obtained easily without the need to spend deep.

Buying a cheap domain can be likened to a long-term investment for your blog and website. Only once paid, you can get a cheap domain within a certain period, between 1 to 5 years.

2. Not free to choose a cheap domain name

Because using a free domain, it is definitely not as flexible as buying a cheap domain. Usually a good domain name is already used by others who also use a free domain.

Therefore, if you want a good domain name, you must buy a cheap domain. By buying a cheap domain name, you can determine the domain name more freely.

3. There are no subdomain features

Subdomains are very useful if you have a blog and website that has many different discussions. Examples are and

If you want a subdomain feature for blogs and websites, you must buy a domain. In addition to blogs and websites being more organized, blogs and websites also make it easier for users to find the content they are looking for.

4. Taken by people

If you have a blog using a free domain for years until your blog or website is known to many people, it is possible that the domain will be taken over by someone else who dares to pay where you make the free domain. As a free domain user, you certainly don't do anything.

Therefore, to secure your domain name, it is highly recommended to buy your own domain. Blogs or websites that you manage for years will be safe and cannot be contested by others, as long as you still regularly pay for the cheap domain subscription fees.

5. There is no support

The name is also a free item, it certainly will not get the same treatment as when buying. Similarly, when you use a free domain. You will not get support from the free domain provider.

Very different if you buy a domain, you will get professional help from a domain service provider company. This can save you time if there are problems in using these cheap domains.

You no longer need to do a search on Google to handle the problem at hand. Just contact the support department at the company where you rent a cheap domain, then they will help your problem.

If you are serious about the website or blog that you currently manage, leave the domain free. Buy a domain to improve the image of your website or blog both in the eyes of visitors or in Google search results.

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