TikTok ADS: Guide and How to Advertise in TikTok Complete

TikTok ADS: Guide and How to Advertise in TikTok Complete

 Who is not familiar with the TikTok Application? Almost all int internet users know about the middle of the viral application. The question is, is the application suitable to be made as a marketing medium?

With the large number of TikTok users today, there is no harm in starting to use TikTok as a marketing medium. Even today, it allows you to advertise on TikTok.

Now this article will discuss about what is the TikTok application, who are the users of Tiktok, Is it in accordance with our target audience and guidelines on how to advertise on tiktok easily. Check out the information.
What is TikTok?

Tik Tok is a social media application that allows users to make short videos by giving unique and interesting special effects. Its users can easily produce a cool video that can be exhibited to friends or other users.

Users not only can make videos, Users can passively browse the results of other users' TikTok videos in the feed. So users can watch other users' content without contributing to making videos.

With such rapid growth, some TikTok creators are becoming very popular and attracting people's attention. One of the TikTok users that has become popular is Reemar Martin, Reemar is one of the TikTok users who is very popular among Indonesian teenagers.

At present, Based on AppAnnie TikTok data has 625 million active users worldwide. From the large number of users, who is using TikTok now. Let's find out the information.

Who are TikTok Users?

Most TikTok users are those under 30 years old, especially those from Gen Z - 41 percent of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old. From here you know if in this age range most have increased purchasing power habits.

TikTok users not only come from ordinary circles, Many artists who jumped into TikTok users such as Gisella Anastasia, Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni Couples, and many more artists who use this application.

From this it can be concluded if TikTok users are not only from the lower classes, but many of the upper classes are using TikTok. So, TikTok is very appropriate to be used as a marketing medium now, because the target audience is very broad.
Is Advertising on TikTok Worth It?

If you look at the number and who are the users of TikTok, do you think by advertising on TikTok will get many advantages? Maybe you realize if you advertise on TikTok have a pretty high chance to do marketing.

In fact, in early 2019 the launch of the TikTok advertising beta feature was already widely used by people. Since then, several big brands such as Grubhub, Nike, Fenty Beauty, and Apple Music have started advertising on TikTok to promote products in unique and visually appealing campaigns.

With advanced targeting features and unique ad creation, the TikTok Ad Platform is unlike many of its predecessors. When used effectively, this can help you enter one of the most profitable user groups.

There are currently a number of advertising options, but these are only available in certain countries and have a strict price tag. TikTok Ads consist of several types, including:

  •     Pre-roll ads: Video ads that begin after a user opens the application
  •     In-feed ads: Video ads that appear when users scroll feed
  •     Promoted hashtag challenges: Videos that encourage users to use special hashtags
  •     Branded effects: Filter special effects for use by content creators on video - similar to those on Snapchat and Instagram but display brand-specific information
But before you start advertising on TikTok, you should ask yourself whether this advertising platform is right for your business, because not all businesses are suitable for advertising on TikTok. If you have prepared the costs for advertising, let's find out the guide and how you can use TikTok for your social media marketing.

Complete Guide to Advertising on TikTok

1. Create a TiktTok Ad Account

 If you don't have a TikTok advertising account, you can register a TikTok ads account first. This account is what you will use to manage and manage your ads. No need to worry about difficulties to start registering, because the way to register is very easy.

You also just need to fill in the detailed information as requested for the account registration requirements to be used for advertising later. After finishing registering, you can continue to the next step.

2. Create a TikTok Ad Campaign

On your TikTok Ads dashboard, click the Campaigns tab at the top of the page, then click the Create button. Next, choose a campaign objective (advertise), which is your main goal of advertising on tiktok.

 There are three options to choose from: Traffic, Conversion, and Application Installation.

To set your budget at the campaign level, select the Daily Budget or Total Budget option under Settings. What you need to pay attention is to advertise you must prepare a daily budget with a minimum total budget of $ 500.

3. Setting Placement, Details, and Target TikTok Ads

One of the advantages of advertising on TikTok Ads is that you can run ads not just on one platform, but on several other platforms that partner with TikTok. For example Vigo Video which is only available in India, Buzz Video, News Republic, and several other platforms.

For ad placement. You can create it automatically and later TikTok will direct where your ad should appear as best as possible on the best platform for the ads you run. This is perfect for those of you who don't know where to place or don't have more time to manage ad placement.

After that, to run an ad, you are required to enter all the details about your ad. Make sure to enter keywords that are relevant to the target and most relevant so that TikTok can help you find the most appropriate audience for the type of ad you are creating.

4. Control ad spend, duration, and goals

As mentioned, advertising on TikTok is quite expensive - if you have a $ 500 / day advertising budget you can divide it into several sections (groups). Each ad (section) must have at least a budget of $ 50 each for the daily budget. But in some countries there is a minimum budget of $ 20.

 After that, do not forget to specify the display duration or the running of your ad. You can set it daily or weekly for each ad

You have to start determining your goals for advertising on TikTok, There are several goals that you can choose, for example conversion, Clicks, or Impressions, and later TikTok will maximize the ads that run according to your goals.

You can also use the Smart Optimization available on the TikTok ads feature to maximize your ads. If you choose Clicks or Impressions for the purpose of your ad, then it is recommended to just turn off this feature. This feature works to maximize conversions continuously.

5. Ad Design Your ad uses the Tiktok Application

TikTok users often create their content on trends and memes. So that a trend can change quickly, what is popular in this week will not always be hot next week.

In terms of designing creative assets for our advertising, the process is quite easy. Ads that appear TikTok can be in the form of videos and images in horizontal, vertical or square. The best thing about advertising platforms is a tool called the Video Creation Kit.

With you provide video and image templates that you customize using existing images. It also comes with 300+ choices for free background music. All you can use to make your advertisement videos inside the application quickly and easily.

That's some information about how to advertise on TikTok, you can start learning to make TikTok as a marketing media for your business. Don't forget to try and get more sales increases.

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