Tips on Determining the Right Web Hosting for Website Needs

Tips on Determining the Right Web Hosting for Website Needs

Not sure what kind of web hosting to use for your website? Too many hosting providers make you dizzy thinking about which provider. No need to worry because this article will discuss how to choose the best web hosting.

Want to know how to choose a web hosting provider? What are the criteria that are assessed in determining the web hosting for your website? Let's see the information here !!

Criteria in Determining the Best Web Hosting

1. Access Speed

Who doesn't want a fast website? It must be the dream of the website owner. Tips to check the speed of prospective web hosting is to do a trace route on our website's prospective IP server. The less hops that appear, the more friendly web hosting we use ISPs.

This access speed can be determined by the location of the web hosting server. If your target audience is located in Indonesia, then you must choose web hosting with the location of the Indonesian server. If you are targeting Indonesia and abroad, the best server location is Singapore.

2. Has Very Good Performance

Ensure web hosting performance has very good performance. Web hosting performance can be assessed based on infrastructure usage. Make sure the infrastructure used by the hosting provider is the best, such as the location of the data center, network, storage media (make sure the SSD), etc.

For storage media, make sure to use SSD or NVME, because by using the storage media the website will have better performance and faster access.

You can analogize the Website as a building, Web Hosting as a plot of land. Analogize the Data Center as a city and the Network as access roads to reach one other city. So that other accesses to our website run smoothly, of course we need other infrastructure support in the form of a reliable and quality data center and network.

3. Able to Maintain Security and Privacy

Data is a very important valuable item that we entrust to be maintained by the web hosting provider. Web hosting that can understand this and is able to maintain confidentiality is reliable web hosting. Make sure your web hosting is one of them.

Jagoan Hosting has ISO 27001 which means security that is applied by whiz hosting is an international standard.

4. 24 Hours Support

Although many web hosting services guarantee 24 × 7, make sure that 24 × 7 is really fulfilled. Do not hesitate to contact at bedtime or even at dawn to make sure your web hosting keeps its promises.

Jagoan Hosting has ISO 9001 which means the services provided by hotshot hosting are in accordance with international standards. You don't need to worry for the help of Suppport. You can also contact Andro's virtual assistants for support automatically.

5. Friendly and Professional Service

The first impression of contacting web hosting is very important to establish a long relationship. But don't make hasty decisions. Make sure not only on the first impression that your web hosting is friendly.

Jagoan Hosting considers its customers as friends, so no need to worry. Hotshot hosting will provide friendly and professional services. Therefore, you must determine web hosting with friendly and professional services.

6. Appropriate price, plus excellent service

"The cheapest with the best quality among other competitors". Don't be trapped by that marketing language. Price is definitely directly proportional to quality. With higher prices, of course the server specifications are getting better, and server maintenance is getting routine.

Some web hosting providers have their own ways to reduce prices to the smallest possible while maintaining the best possible quality. Find the web hosting. Of course, by doing comparisons.

7. Meet the Uptime Server Guarantee

Every web hosting provider has guaranteed server uptime. Sometimes a server malfunction due to external attacks, monthly maintenance, etc. is usually not included in the guarantee.

The easiest way to find out what percentage of server uptime is guaranteed is to look at the rules and services of a web hosting. And once again, by making comparisons with fellow hosting users.

So what? It's getting great at determining web hosting with the right choices, right? Whichever hosting you choose, make sure it matches your needs.

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