Types of Content Marketing that Can Be Viral

Types of Content Marketing that Can Be Viral

Are you a young online businessman? or a digital influencer? must be familiar with content marketing? Before proceeding further, what is content marketing actually? and identify what types of content marketing are booming.

    If the word Grandfather Wikipedia is like this, Content Marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating, publishing and distributing content for the target audience online.
Now, then a new question arises. What do you do, how to make good content marketing and sell? even viral.

To create your own content marketing, you must choose one or several content marketing requirements:

    Entertaining - content marketing that has a strong emotional appeal to the audience, so that it can be share-able
    Educate - educating content marketing will have a wide reach, especially for the target audience who still don't know your product. In addition, because of its educational nature, this type of content will be very shareable.
    Inviting - this type of content can be said will gradually change the mind of the audience. This type of content is usually in the form of articles with copywriting techniques, soft selling, etc.
    Convert - finally, a good content marketing must be able to convert, making your target audience determine the choice to go towards you. For example, if you are a digital influencer, this type of content will make your audience decide whether they will follow or subscribe to your channel.

Then, what type of content marketing can you choose? This is it!

1. One of the most popular types of content marketing, is Video. 

In this era, who rejects the power of video? video is a type of content that is easy to share. If you are a young entrepreneur, you can create interesting video concepts especially for your product. There are several types of video content that is liked on the internet, such as 'how-to' videos, music videos, product review videos, unboxing videos, until video haul. The concept is in accordance with your target market, you can view the following infographic to find out the type of video that is suitable for your target market.

2. Want to be more educated? create infographics!

If you make an article that is full of data and information, you can summarize and visualize it into an infographic. Besides being more concise and to-the-point, infographic images are also shareable.

3. Visualization of interesting content

Content visualization especially for an article is certainly very important. However, content visualization is not merely about infographics. You can try adding pictures of comics, memes, even GIFs, as long as they are still related to the content you created.

4. Nothing wrong, try the article in the listicle style

As a generation that is familiar with digital content, of course, you are already familiar right, the same style of writing a listicle like BuzzFeed. This writing style is just right if you want to make tips & tricks, list topics such as tourist attractions, places to eat / culinary, etc.

5. For young entrepreneurs, you can try product review

Product reviews can be made here in the form of videos or blog posts. It is undeniable, in our following infographic article, it is proven that product review videos are indeed liked by the majority of Generation X, Y and Z. Likewise with digital influencers, making product reviews is also very useful for your followers. In addition, by making a product review of profits as ogled by other brands, to drive sales of products that you review you can also get.

6. Creating tutorial content, it also doesn't hurt to try

In accordance with the same infographic article, the type of tutorial content or how-to guides is still popular, especially for generation X and Y. Moreover, if you are a young entrepreneur, you must make a tutorial on your product. Not only that, video tutorial types are also booming among YouTubers.

7. Don't forget testimonials

If you are selling a product, customer testimonials will have a big impact. Summarize customer testimonials in the form of videos, with the concept of customer stories, so they can touch the hearts of your target audience.

That was, a few examples of the types of content marketing that you can choose. Which content marketing are your mainstay, friend? Comment on the comments column!

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