Want to Be a Famous Blogger Food? Here Are The Tips and Tricks

Want to Be a Famous Blogger Food? Here Are The Tips and Tricks

As millennials these days it doesn't seem like it would be fun if you eat, don't take pictures first. In fact, there is criticism today that says, "before eating it pray first, instead of taking a photo first", so severe the behavior of millennials now if you want to eat. But do you realize that, through the hobby of taking photos of food, we can make an income field. Because, now the Food Blogger profession or a blogger who specializes in reviewing food is increasingly popular. Interested? Check out the following tips!

1. Take good photos

It's also called Food Blogger, it's not just cool writing, it has a photo gallery that is obligatory. A photo is like a bullet for a Food Blogger and writing is the weapon. So, have a photo that is compulsory.

2. Focus on a particular genre

Instead of mastering many genres, it's better to become an expert known thanks to one genre that we master. Determine the genre you like, whether it's veggie foodies, pastry, etc. Besides that, being famous through one genre will make you easily known. Look at Ella Woodward, a famous Food Blogger thanks to her website Deliciouly Ella, which focuses on discussing vegan food. Now, the genre is closely attached to him, and makes it has a characteristic among other food bloggers.


3. Be Authentic

Indeed there is nothing original in this world. Being a "copycat" is legitimate, but be a brilliant copycat. According to Austin Kleon in his book entitled "Steal Like An Artist", what distinguishes a good copycat from the bad is, a good copycat, emulating from many sources. Meanwhile, a poor person will only copy from one source. Imitate some of your idols, find out who inspired them, write down their strengths, develop and be yourself.

4. Be consistent

                       "Consitent action creates consisten results" - Christine Kane

If you want to get maximum results, it is impossible if you are not consistent. Likewise in the digital world, if you don't consistently work, you will drown.

5. Take advantage of Social Media

Post your photo shots to social media, make it a teaser to go to your main content on your blog. Net as many followers as you like your work on social media. Just as did Julia Veronica & Marius Tjenderasa from AnakJajan.com. Not only incessantly writing food reviews on the website, they are also diligent in posting photos of food shots to Instagram, to capture as many followers as possible which can later become lead magnets to their websites.

6. Have Your Own Domain Name

Nowadays it's no longer using the free blogging platform. Although you have to issue additional pockets to subscribe to a domain. Websites with paid domain names will be more trusted and easier for your loyal readers to remember.

Don't be afraid to be expensive to buy a domain, because now you can get a .COM domain for only 58 thousand, for one year at Jagoan Hosting. In addition, you can also get a free website after you buy a .COM domain at Jagoan Hosting.

It's time to have your virtual home with your own address, don't just ride on someone else's house hehe

7. Have a mobile friendly website

In the current smartphone era, the majority of people, especially millennials, are never separated from smartphones or gadgets. Having a responsive website on all screen sizes including smartphones and tablets is mandatory.

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