What is UI and UX? Which is More Important UI or UX Design?

What is UI and UX? Which is More Important UI or UX Design?

 What is UI and UX? Maybe you have heard of these two terms in the world of design, especially in web design. So what is actually UI and Ux? UI is short for User Interface while for UX is User Experience.

Now this article explains about what exactly is the User Interface Design or User Experience Design, and which is the more important UI or UX? Let's find out the information
What is UI (User Interface)?

UI DesignUI Design

User Interface or UI is a way or anything that can interact with users to use digital products or services. UI is a visual part of a website or application that can be in the form of text boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, and other components that allow users to enter data into the company's system.

In Information Technology, UI Design refers to the design of the user interface for software, websites or applications. Use of UI with a view to facilitating usability and to improve User Experience.

In website design, a good user interface is very important because it can turn potential visitors into buyers because it facilitates interaction between users and your website or web application.

Interface is a point where users can interact with the website they are using. A good UI design presents a perfect blend of visual design, interaction design, and information architecture:

  • Visual design is a way to increase the value of a website's ornamentation by implementing elements strategically such as fonts, colors, and images. Visual design works to make the page more elegant without having to reduce the functionality or the existing content.
  •     Interactive design is a way to see how a user interacts with technology and applies the results of analyzing user interaction into web design. In addition, interactive design functions to find new ways in which the system interacts and responds to users.
  •     Information Architecture is a design design to help users find info about their needs. In this case it involves labeling, structuring, and organizing web content in a way that makes it easily accessible and sustainable.

What is UX (User Experience)?

UX DesignUX Design

User Experience or UX is a way or experience of someone in feeling something, such as a product, system, or service. UX design itself is a process for creating products that provide the best experience for users.

For example, a cellphone with a large enough screen is preferred. That way the UX Designer must think about how to best place a button. If the screen is wide enough, the Button in the upper left corner will make users find it difficult to reach the button with one hand. Therefore, the most optimal placement for this button is the lower left corner, where users can easily tap the button with their thumb.

This includes the process of obtaining and integrating products, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function. UX design functions to increase user satisfaction through interaction between users and products.

Now here are some things that are included in the UI design:
  •     Wireframing and Prototyping
  •     Strategy and Content
  •     Analysis of competitors Users and Competitors
  •     Coordination with UI Designers and Developers
  •     Product Structure / Strategy
  •     Content Development
  •     Analysis and Iteras
  •     Development Planning and Testing / Iteration

Difference between UI and UX

User Experience is the way the application works and provides the required responses that people expect when interacting with it. Quite different from the User interface, where the user interface focuses on existing visual elements.

UX design is good and most important is good compatibility with a variety of different gadgets, such as screen sizes, different resolutions, etc. Whereas in a good UI Design that presents a perfect blend of visual design, interaction design, and information architecture

The User Experience consists of a series of various factors, such as coding and testing for compatibility with the level of ease and comfort that users feel when using the application.

Which is More Important UI or UX Design?

After you understand what UI and UX are, which of the two is more important? Many people argue that user experience is very important, especially on ecommerce websites.

With a good UX, it can make users more aware of a website in other words. A good UX can create customer loyalty. This is indeed acceptable. But according to experts in UI and UX Design Helga Moreno, has its own opinion.

    "Something that looks great but is difficult to use is an example of a great UI and a bad UX. While something very useful that looks terrible is an example of a great UX and a bad UI. "
    Helga Moreno

From Helga Morena's opinion it can be concluded that UI and UX are both important for the success of any application. However, you can still find great applications that have a good UI but lack UX and vice versa. For example, the BCA iBanking Website. The appearance of BCA iBanking is very simple, but in terms of UX it is very good because the website is very fast and easy to use.

From here you can begin to know how and what is UI and UX, what distinguishes between the two to what is more important in web design. You can start learning and practicing UI / UX Design.

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