How to Increase Number of Adsense Clicks and Revenue

How to Increase Number of Adsense Clicks and Revenue

AdSense is one way to get money from blogs, but there are still many who do not know how to increase the number of clicks and Google adsense revenue. To get more money you have to create new content and grow quality traffic.

One factor that is important enough to increase adsense earnings without having to force users to click on it. So how do bloggers grow RPM, total revenue, traffic, and engagement metrics?

Many factors affect AdSense earnings, including ad placement, ad types, traffic sources and the most important is AdSense CPC / CPC. Now here are some tips for increasing the number of clicks and Google Adsense revenue.

1. Write More Content

One effective way to increase AdSense revenue is by writing more content. The longer the content the more traffic opportunities the higher because the content becomes the most important factor in SEO, in addition, the length of the content can affect engagement metrics such as bounce rates.

If you use auto ads, the longer you create content, the more ads that appear. This will increase the chance of getting more clicks, although it can have a decreased CTR (Click Through Rate).


2. Create More Content

The more content that is created, the greater the opportunity to get more traffic coming to the website. This means you have the opportunity to earn more from google adsense by increasing the content on the website.

In addition, websites that regularly update content will get a plus compared to websites that rarely update. That way, your chances of getting Google page one are higher, and of course bring in more traffic.

3. Increase the Value of Ad Inventory

More and more ads that appear on pages that are not proportional to the number of ad clicks can cause a decrease in ad CTR. Increasing the value of advertising inventory is the same as increasing the value of CPC (Cost per Click).

Some things that affect the impact of CPC:
  •     Visiting time
  •     Traffic sources
  •     Selected Niche
  •     User Location
  •     The type of ad that appears
  •     Ad Size
  •     Number of ads per page

You must be smart in increasing your CPC ads, you can find out your CPC level when doing keyword research. When researching you can see CPC metrics, the higher the CPC the better, even though the competition is very high

4. Increase Ad Size / Location

In the previous points already explained if the size of the advertisement affects CPC, make sure you place Adsense ads around the content and above the fold. The ad above is far better than the ad below, because visitors can see the top only.

You can integrate ads with your site's design. You can use the AdSense heatmap plugin to find out what visitors are doing on your website. So here is the recommendation for the most successful Adsense ad sizes:
  1.     336px * 280px (Large Rectangle)
  2.     300px * 250px
  3.     728px * 90px
  4.     160px * 600px

5. Traffic Source and Location

Similarly, the size of the ad, the source and location of the traffic affect the ad. If you are targeting an Indonesian audience then the CPC is certainly small. Many people complain about CPC and low Adsense income despite having large traffic.

Most of this is caused by CPC and Traffic Source. From now on you start trying to target Traffic Sources from countries like the United States and the United Kingdom that allows you to get high CPC.

American CPC can reach 10x more Indonesian CPC, compared to the difference between Indonesian and American CPC is very high. Therefore you must begin to change your target audience if you want to increase adsense revenue

6. Use Ezoic (Automatic Adsense Optimization)

One way to increase adsense income is by utilizing an optimization tool such as Ezoic. Ezoic is a free tool available for all bloggers who have more than 20,000 page views per month.

This service or tool will automatically experiment with Ads to optimize the user experience, not only to make the reader happy but to help you get more money.

Unfortunately, Ezoic only applies to websites with 20,000 more page views per month. If it's less than that, then you can't use it, so you have to use the manual version for AdSense optimization. And you need to remember, ad placement and ad size are two important aspects in increasing AdSense revenue.

7. Place Ads Between Posts

To increase Adsense revenue, you can configure Adsense ads to match the background and color of the page you are using. You can add image ads or text link ads between posts with ad size 468 * 60.

The longer the content is created, the more advertisements you can put between posts. However, don't overdo it in placing ads because it can affect CPC and CTR.

8. Advertising Blacklist with Small CPC

Not a few advertisers who pay very little for per click. Usually ads that are spammy or have a bad image. You can block advertiser URLs that you think have a small CPC.

You can go to your Google adsense account, and use the Blacklist ad feature to prohibit ads from appearing on your website. This allows you to increase your income by around 10%. You can also block your competitors' ads from appearing on your website.

That's a little information about how to increase the number of clicks and income of Google Adsense easily. You can also do your own experiments to see what is affecting your google adsense earnings.

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